Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Day My Blog Changed My Life

So I got a job. In a most unexpected fashion. As I have previously mentioned, I have been temping since the bar exam was over to make ends meet. On one of my first assignments, I befriended one of the employees of the company I was temping for. Due to my rampant blogger egomania, I showed her my blog. Of course, she thought it was hilarious, and passed the link on to her fiancĂ©, who just happens to own a company or two and who just happened to be in need of a writer. She introduced us, and I began writing for him part time a few weeks ago. Much to the surprise of any of you who regularly read my blog, he was actually quite impressed with my work. So impressed in fact, that he showed my work to a friend of his who also happens to own a few companies. And on Friday, that man offered me a job! I will be writing for his company, in what capacity exactly is still a bit of an unknown. But it ain’t temping. And it ain’t being a lawyer, so I am happy. As a matter of fact I am quite excited. I have always thought I had a bit of talent with the words, and it is wonderful to know that someone else feels the same way, so much so that they are willing to pay me for it.

But this whole cycle of events has gotten me to think about chance. And how many things had to come into play for this opportunity to present itself. If I hadn’t been in my particular TQ during my first year of law school, I would not have met Adam Gilbert. And if Adam Gilbert hadn’t shown me his blog, I would have probably never been inspired to start my own. And if I hadn’t hated law school so much and been so stressed about finding a job, I probably would have soon abandoned my blog for lack of inspiration. And if I hadn’t gone to my interview with the temp agency on the exact day I did, I would have never met the woman who would introduce my writing to her fiancĂ© who would one day lead me to this job. To think it about it is really kind of scary…and not the kind of thing anyone should do as it makes even the most mundane decision paralyzing. Where you should eat lunch can suddenly become a career changing decision. Nonetheless, it is difficult not to wonder if fate really isn’t what is controlling one’s course in life. I tend to subscribe to the “everything happens for a reason” mentality, and this situation is simply more evidence that there is something to that.

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